Oilfield Essentials


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Oilfield Essentials contains twenty three pages or frequently used calculations in day to day Oilfield operations. Beautifully designed and laid out Oilfield Essentials is a pleasure to use with both Imperial and SI units supported. Other functionality includes-

  • Data Saving Capacity.
  • Airprint Support.
  • Email the results as a pdf.
  • Built in checks and limits
  • A shake to reset function.

The calculations include-

  • Pipe Tally with Pipe Specs, Capacity, Displacement, Offset and CSV file in email.
  • Unit Convertor
  • Directional Driller's Survey Analysis with TVD, DLS, Vertical Section, Northing, Easting, UTM North, UTM East and the option for start point Vertical Section North, East and Azimuth. Attaches CSV file to email.
  • Pipe and Casing Displacement
  • Pump Output for Triplex and Duplex
  • Pipe Volume, Annular Volume and Bottoms Up Strokes
  • Formation Integrity
  • Leak Off Test
  • Drill Pipe Stuck Point
  • Kill Mud Weight
  • Mud Up with Barite
  • Quick Look Pay Zone Analysis
  • Drilling Cost Analysis
  • Carbide Tracer Hole Size
  • Equivalent Circulating Density and Annular Pressure Loss
  • Hydrostatic Loss
  • Detailed Oil Zone Analysis
  • Detailed Gas Zone Analysis
  • Corrected D Exponent
  • Formation Temperature
  • Average Hole Size
  • Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Wireline Stuck Point
  • Weak Point for Open Hole
  • Weak Point for Cased Hole

The following units are supported-

  • Inches or Millimeters
  • Feet or Meters
  • Pounds per Gallon or Grams per Cubic Centimeter
  • Pounds per Square Inch or Kilopascals
  • Barrels or Cubic Meters
  • Gallons per minute, cubic meters per minute or Barrels per minute
  • Acres or Hectares
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius