Are the vehicles safe for my child?

The WiWheels electric ride on cars are built to strict quality and safety standards and comply with all relevant International Standards which include EN71-1 (Mechanical and physical properties), EN71-2 (Flammability), EN71-3 (Migration of certain elements) and EN62115 (Electric Toys-Safety). All WiWheels models have been tested to Thailand Industrial Standard 685 and approved by the Thailand Industrial Standards Institute (TISI).

WiWheels electric ride on cars have an automatic brake where if the accelerator pedal is released or the remote control accelerator button released the ride on car will come to a smooth stop. All electronic components have been tucked away and there are no small objects that can come ajar. The WiFi range is approximately 30m, if the ride on car is driven beyond the WiFi range the automatic brake is applied. The electric ride on car is designed for children aged 3 years and up and should only be used under adult supervision. WiWheels are designed to be used on flat ground and should not be driven up or down hills or accross cambers.


 Is there a warranty?

Yes, WiWheels electric ride on cars come with a 12 month, return to factory, defect warranty. This warranty does not cover wear and tear, misuse or the battery. The warranty for the battery is three months from the date of receipt, if the recharging instructions as detailed in the Operating and Assembly Manual are followed you can expect the battery to last for years. If you need to return an item, simply send an email to accounts@teknojelly.com outlining the reason for return and your details. We will then notify you via email of the return address and a tracking number, once we’ve received and processed the returned item we will process the refund.


How do I get the iPhone/ iPad or Android app

It’s free and you can follow these links to the iTunes store and Google Play.

ride on car 10                          Get it on Google Play


How about updates for the App?

You will be automatically notified of any updates that are available and the App and updates will always be free.


What’s the difference between 6v and 12v vehicles?

6v ride-on cars are suitable for driving on a firm, flat surface such as bitumen, tarmac and concrete. As standard all our models are equipped with a heavy duty 12v electrical system which makes them suitable for use on the above mentioned firm flat surfaces as well as grass and slightly tougher terrain. With the larger batteries more time can be spent playing in between a re-charge.


How about Payment and Ordering?

Our store, which is accessed through the ‘Shop’ link, uses Bank Vault security and is PCI compliant, the data center employs security provisioning, three reduntant network architectures and hardware firewalls and the SSL uses 256 bit Encryption. That means the Store is highly secure and ready to take your order.


Can you deliver outside of Thailand and Australia?

Yes, we can ship almost anywhere, please call or email for a quote.


Support for other Smartphones and Tablets?

Currently we only support iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android Smartphones and Tablets.


How about spare parts?

Yes spare parts are available, please phone or email to discuss your requirements.


What about the MP3 input ?

It is the standard 3.5mm socket that you can plug any standard MP3 player into. WiWheels electric ride on cars have a built in speaker and amplifier and the volume can be controlled by the MP3 player or the adjustment on the volume control on steering wheel.


Where are you located?

In Thailand our registered office is in Nonthaburi, Bangkok

35/264 Burasiri Village
Samakhee Soi 58/20 Samakhee rd.
Tumbol Thasai Nonthaburi District
Nonthaburi Province Bangkok Thailand 11000

Ph/Fax +66 (0) 2192 8854
Mobile +66 (0) 817 33 2954

In Australia our office is in Mitchelton, Brisbane

48 Essex st
Brisbane QLD 4053
ph +61 (0) 499 977 787