User Manual and Troubleshooting

Caution and Warning

Please read and fully understand this manual before assembling and operating WiWheels.The use of WiWheels electric ride on cars is the responsibility of the individual. The WiWheels ride on cars should only be used under adult supervision. Improper use of WiWheels may cause injury or property damage, so please always drive with extreme caution. Never use the car on public roads, crowded areas, near water, near small children or animals and never use the Remote Control or remote control mode with somebody in the car.


Direct Adult Supervision Required.

Never leave a child unattended and always keep the child in view when he is in the ride on car. Teach appropriate safety rules to your child before allowing operation of the WiWheels ride on car. These rules should also be reviewed with other playmates who want to drive this ride on car.

  • Never use the Remote Control or remote control mode if there is somebody in the car
  • Remain seated and use the safety belt.
  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Only one rider at a time.
  • Always wear shoes.


Keep Children Within Safe Riding Areas

  • Away from steps, cars, driveways, roads, alleys.
  • Away from sloped, inclined surfaces, swimming pools and other bodies of water.
  • Away from other dangerous areas.
  • Never use in the dark.


To avoid damaging the motors and gears, stop the vehicle before operating the forwards and backwards switch and before switching between low to high speeds.


Electrical Components

Take extreme care when connecting electrical components. Do not use cables with damaged connectors or insulation and take care to ensure correct polarity. Incorrect electrical connections may cause short circuit or even fire. The cars have moving parts, to avoid injury do not touch a moving or rotating part. Other WiFi networks or strong electromagnetic fields may affect the performance of WiWheels. WiWheels ride on cars comes with a twelve month warranty, which covers defects caused by defective parts or workmanship. The warranty does not cover defects, damages or injury due to improper assembly or use.


A Word on the Application

The WiWheels Application is built for the iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphones and Tablets. For Apple devices it requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with the iPhone 5. For Android devices it requires Gingerbread 2.3.3 or later.

Please note that Android devices with an ARM6 processor do not have the capacity to process certain audio and video formats and so the recording of video is handled a little bit differently on these devices, where the frame rate may be affected as the processor reaches its maximum capacity. Android devices with an ARM7 processor have the capcity to handle the latest formats.


Battery and Charging

  • The batteries and charger are not a toy, do not allow children to play with them.
  • The vehicles come with sealed rechargeable batteries and should only be replaced with like batteries, do not replace with different sizes or types.
  • Do not short circuit the battery terminals.
  • Do not use the battery or charger for any other product.
  • Do not open the battery or charger.
  • Do not charge the battery upside down.
  • Do not get the battery wet.
  • Examine the battery, charger and connections for excessive wear or damage each time the battery is charged. If excessive wear or damge is detected do not charge the battery until the worn or damaged parts have been replaced.
  • Charge the battery at least once a month even if the ride on car is not being used.
  • In room temperature below 5 degrees C the battery will take approximately 3 hours longer to charge. This product is not suitable for use in temperatures below -5 degrees C.
  • Turn the power switch off before charging.
  • It is normal for the battery and charger to be warm during charging.


Battery Charging

Charge the car for 3 hours before using it the first time. Normal charge time is 6 hours and never charge for longer than 8 hours.


WiWheels iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphone and Tablet Application

 To operate the R1, M1 or J1 using a Smartphone or Tablet you need the Application. The following links are to the Application on iTunes and Google Play. It's free and always will be.

WiWheels Android App

  1. Power up WiWheels.
  2. Wait for 10 seconds to allow the WiFi to initialise.
  3. The WiFi in WiWheels is set up as a router that devices can connect to. In the WiFi setup menu of your Smartphone connect to the "WiWheels" network.
  4. Launch the WIWheels App. The iOS app will connect automatically. The Android App opens with a Start screen, when a connection can be made the WiWheels serial number will be displayed on the screen and the green WiFi image will be displayed. When available press the green WiFi button and the connection will be made and the control screen will appear.
  5. When the connection has been made you will see the control screen with the video stream running in the background.

iOS App WiWheels Ride on electric car

Android App WiWheels Ride on electric cars









WiWheels is not detected by the Smartphone App.

The Smartphone is not connected to the 'WiWheels' network.

Check the WiFi settings menu in the smartphone and connect to the 'WiWheels' network. Restart the App.

A WiFi network is not created by WiWheels, the WiWheels network is not available for connection.

The WiFi has not initialised or has turned off.

Check if the USB dongle is properly connected. Restart the WiWheels car by cycling the power and restart the App. If the problem still persists the battery connections should be checked and then recharged

Connection to WiWheels is lost.

The power dropped below the minimum operating voltage because of excessive overload or the battery is almost out of charge.

Restart WiWheels and the App or recharge the battery.

The connection to WIWheels is not stable.

The distance between the car and the phone is to great or there are a large number of WiFi networks in the area that are using the same channel as WiWheels.

Reduce the distance between the car and the phone. Reconnect to the WiWheels network and restart the App.

Connection to the WiWheels network has been established but there is no video stream

Camera is disconnected or the battery voltage dropped below the minimum operating voltage.

Check the camera USB connection and restart the App. If the problem persists recharge the battery.

WiWheels ride on car will not move.

The battery is flat or disconnected.

If the battery is flat recharge the battery. If the battery is charged and the problem persists take off the seat and check the fuse and battery connections. 

Lights and Sounds are not working .

The battery is flat or disconnected.

If the battery is flat recharge the battery. If the battery is charged and the problem persists take off the seat and check the fuse and battery connections. 

The ride on car moves slowly or the motor is labouring.

The battery is almost flat.

Recharge the battery.