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This is the WiWheels R2 model in Green. The R2 model has two operating modes, the driver can control the car via the accelerator (with automatic brake) and steering wheel or it can be switched to remote control mode where it can be operated by the 27 MHz Remote Controller. The R2 comes equipped with the following features-

◊ Dual Operating Modes, R/C or Manual
◊ 2WD System with Dual 45 Watt Motors and Gearboxes
◊ High and Low Speeds
◊ Forward and Reverse Gears
◊ Automatic Brake
◊ Seat Belt
◊ Working Doors
◊ Working Trunk
◊ Heavy Duty 12 Volt Electrical System and Fast Charger (1000mA)
◊ MP3 Input
◊ Digital LED Battery Meter
◊ LED Lights
◊ Sounds Effects and Tunes

The R2 does not come with the Camera or WiFi Hardware and cannot be operated with the App.

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Additional Information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 115 x 63 x 53 cm