WiWheels are the next generation electric ride on cars. Engineered and tested to the highest safety and quality standards with impressive technology embodied in three beautiful designs, the R, M and J Series. The result is three different personalities that have one thing in common - pure joy. Exclusive features, from the WiWheels App and dual operating mode to the lights, sounds, heavy duty batteries and functional doors all add to the fun and allow children to experience technology while staying safely connected to loved ones.

WiWheels are a leapfrog product that are super smart, super safe and easy to use.

As standard all models come with-

  • Dual Operating Modes, R/C or Manual (WiFi & Camera Optional)
  • Coil Spring Suspension (J Series only)
  • 2WD System with Dual 45 Watt Motors and Gearboxes
  • High and Low Speeds
  • Forward and Reverse Gears
  • Automatic Brake
  • Seat Belt
  • Working Doors
  • Working Trunk (M & R Series)
  • Heavy Duty 12 Volt Electrical System and Fast Charger (1000mA)
  • MP3 Input
  • Digital LED Battery Meter
  • LED Lights
  • Sounds Effects and Tunes

Now for some technical details, WiWheels Electric Ride On cars have two operating modes, the driver can operate the car via the onboard controls or they can be switched to remote control mode. The J1, M1 and R1 can be controlled by an Apple iOS or Android device and include a camera mounted on the front of the car that streams video and audio or still images back to the iOS or Android device. The camera is mounted on a pivot which can be adjusted so that it is looking forward in the direction the car is travelling or it can be swivelled around. The J2, M2 and R2 are supplied with a conventional remote control. All models come with a 12v electrical system as standard which makes them suitable for tougher terrain. Additionally all models are supplied with heavy duty batteries and charger for hours of fun and a quick turnaround.

9 Good Reasons to Choose WiWheels


WiWheels R, M & J Series


Are they Lickable ?

Yes, they are that attractive and it’s ok if you do. They have been engineered and tested to the highest safety and quality standards. Specifically TIS685, EN62115, EN 55014, EN71-1,2,3 and ISO 9001. All available on request.

We wouldn’t, have a look at the cheap plastic, poor build quality and absolute lack of documentation and judge for yourself.

Drives on Grass and Rough Terrain ?

Absolutely, all WiWheels models use a 2WD system and come with two 12 Volt 45 Watt Electric Motors rated to 9000 rpm. The motors are connected to Heavy Duty Gearboxes that run a 100 to 1 reduction so there is no problem driving on grass and rougher terrain.

No , 6v single motor cars are not designed to be used on grass/ off road. They will only work on concrete / tarmac.

Hours of Fun ?

Yes all WiWheels models come with 7Ah heavy duty batteries and 1000 mA fast chargers. So thats double the play time and roughly half the recharge time compared to others.

Have a look around but all the other cars we have seen come with small 4 or 4.5Ah batteries and small 400 or 500mA chargers.

Built Tough ?

Yes, from the high quality plastic and mouldings to the tough fittings and fixtures and heavy duty electrical system, WiWheels are built tough.

Just looking at the poor build quality and dodgy fittings and fixings it’s obvious they won’t last long.

Stream Video and can be Controlled with iOS / Android ?

Not only do they come with dual operating modes, R.C or In Car Controls, there is also the option to control WiWheels with the iOS / Android App and stream video to the screen via the camera mounted on the car.

No the iOS / Android App and on-board camera is exclusive to WiWheels.

High & Low Speeds ?

Yes all WiWheels models are equipped with a high and low speed setting.

No, 6v single motor cars do not support high and low speed switching.

Working Doors and Trunk ?

The R and M Series come with working doors and trunk, the J Series comes with working doors only.

We have seen some others with working doors but not with working trunks.

Warranty ?

Yes, WiWheels come with a 12 month warranty. The warranty for the battery is three months from the date of receipt, if the recharging instructions are followed it will last for years.

We wouldn’t, have a look at the cheap plastic, poor build quality and absolute lack of documentation and judge for yourself.

Coil Spring Suspension ?

Only the J Series comes with coil spring suspension.